We know it’s hard to believe, but amidst this strange and unprecedented time, the summer season has snuck up on us! With Memorial Day Weekend (the unofficial start of summer) just around the corner, you’re probably itching to stretch your legs, breathe in some fresh air, and have a change of scenery from your home that you’ve become extra familiar with over these last couple of months.

Since major travel plans are still out of the question, you might be wondering how to have a safe and entertaining getaway this summer. With the easing of shelter-in-place orders, we recommend taking a drive to Jellystone Park™ Memphis for a fun outdoor adventure. Keep reading for 4 tips to help your family have the best vacation ever while staying safe.

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Help combat coronavirus by creating your own hygiene kit to bring with you on your trip. Your kit can include things such as hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, masks/face coverings, and cleaning supplies. Not only will you be protecting your family, but you’ll also be helping protect people that you may come into contact with. Make your kit easily transportable and you can take it with you wherever you go!

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Avoid extra trips to the store during your camping getaway by making a list and getting all of the items you’ll need prior to arrival. Your car may seem extra full at the beginning of your trip, but you will be thankful when you realize you have everything you need and can focus on relaxing during the whole length of your stay. You’ll be able to spend more time enjoying why you went on your camping getaway in the first place instead of worrying about heading to the store!

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Since people aren’t looking to vacation in a high risk environment, crowded with other people, camping at Jellystone Park™ is the perfect option. No need to worry about boarding a flight or standing in elevators with strangers, enjoy fresh air & the great outdoors all from the comfort of your personal RV or one of our cabin rentals! Go for a walk, play games with your family, and make tons of s’mores – there are so many possibilities!

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When choosing a getaway, it’s important to pick one which will keep your family (and staff) as safe as possible. This means choosing a location which has few points of contact, lots of open space, and enhanced cleaning procedures. Jellystone Park™ offers all of these and more with wide open spaces, fresh air, contactless check-in, and much more.


So pack your bags, roll down the windows, and head on over to Jellystone Park™ Memphis. Stay sane while staying safe during an uncertain time. Your mental and physical health will surely thank you!