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Monthly Stays
Make Jellystone Park™ your home away from home! Whether you’re a traveling nurse, roadschooling your kiddos, or taking an extended trip in the Memphis area, Jellystone Park™ is the perfect place to stay!
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RV Sites
Monthly Rates:

Premium Back-In RV Site - $800 +tax
Premium Pull-Thru RV Site - $800 +tax
Red Carpet RV Site - $800 +tax

*Rates listed do not include additional applicable sales tax. Rates subject to change.
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Monthly Rates:

Loft Cabins - $1,750 +tax
2-Bedroom Deluxe Cabins - $1,750 +tax
3-Bedroom Deluxe Cabins - $1,750 +tax

Cabin rentals require a $500 surety deposit that is refunded post-departure barring any damages. Rates subject to change.
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Check out our water amenities (open select days/times), sports courts, playgrounds, scavenger hunts, and more!

In addition, we have two fenced-in bark parks for our furry camping companions, a small exercise room, laundry facility, and comfort station.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer seasonal sites?
Yes we do! You can learn more about our extended stay rates on our Booking Website.
Where are the other Jellystone Park™ locations?
With over 75 locations in the US and Canada, there is sure to be a Jellystone™ Park close to you. Find the Camp-Resort nearest you.
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